Better Off EP

by The Legend of Xero

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My First Recording Project! Still a goodie!


released January 6, 2008


all rights reserved


Track Name: Better Off [Demo Version]
(Verse 1)
I fold back all the corners in my life
I look back and I wonder what’s been happening to me
Is there any more than I can see
I lose track on the focus of my life
A new attack from the world and all these pressures on me
For something that is well beyond my means

All I need is half a breath, a whisper Lord, I really need to know
I’m not alone
All this stress and all the situations are the perfect way to prove

You on the throne


I’ve seen a glimpse of the Glory
I’ve known a piece of the story
You give me peace of mind
I’m better off believing
I’ve known conviction for your sake
Made my decision for YHWH
You’ve kept me all this time
I’m better off believing

(Verse 2)

You see
This fear inside of me
Is bearing all its teeth to devour me
As I walk into the valley
But today
I know that you light my way
But these are the darkest days I’ve ever seen
They’re taking even more of what I need
Track Name: Glory
(Verse 1)

Lift your hands, lift your heads, lift your eyes
Lift your hearts up to the sky

Elohim, El Shaddai
The great and mighty Adonai
You can dance, Clap your hands
Just as long as you take the chance
to send a praise before our God
as we sing to Heaven

Glory, Glory
to the God above the Heavens
Glory, Glory
to the Father of Creation
let us maginify His Name
to the nations we proclaim
that you are Holy, Holy


oh oh, oh oh, oh oh oh,
oh oh, oh oh, oh oh oh (x2)

If by chance we should fail at our task
to send a praise unto our King
let us pass on the reigns to the Earth
and let nature sing to the King
every stone and every tree
we'll se the glory he recieves

(Go to Chorus)
Kavod, Kadosh
Baruch atah, eloheynu
Track Name: The Master's Plan
(Verse 1)
So this is the End
The world is all over
There's nowhere to stand
but the words are still here
You thought that all was lost
thought you were dead and gone
you're put back on your feet by the hand of Almighty God
if this is what He does
if this is really Love
then there's a meaning behind the battle we're speaking of

This is the way we start tomorrow
This is how we fight the sorrow
This is how we face the day
Through the power of YHWH

This is the Name we praise forever
This is why we stay together
This will never fade away
The Splendor of YHWH

(Verse 3)
So this is the end
we found the horizon
We're here in his hands
and the path is made clear

His Wisdom will be shown
His perfect Will be known
and every step we choose to follow him we start to grow
and as it starts to show
for all the world to know
May He be honored in the things we do forever more

(Verse 4)
So this is the end
Our lives are laid down here
by the Blood of the Lamb
our debts have been cleared

Salvation will be found
and oh, "How sweet the sound"
to know that we get to enter into the House of God
And as we all kneel down
We'll offer up our crowns
and give him honor and raises unto His name renowned

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